Managed Security Services

The most comprehensive suite of security services available in Qatar

Managed Security Services

Nodetix’s Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio has been designed to give Qatar’s businesses peace of mind. Supported by world-class global security partners, the Managed Security Services portfolio offers a host of solutions and services to keep your business safe.

Our Managed Security Services portfolio offers an incredible range of solutions, including the Managed Security Operations Centre which provides comprehensive security monitoring, Web Application Firewall , Malware Protection, Vulnerability Management, Cloud Web Security and Cloud Email Security and the Distributed Denial of Service mitigation suite.


Fully managed security services

We are here to assist you with all your security requirements, whether they are straightforward or intricate. Our experts are dedicated to monitoring and managing security incidents around the clock, every day of the year. We take pride in having top-notch people, technology, facilities, and processes to ensure your security needs are met at the highest standards globally.

An extended-team approach

If your organization has tools and processes in place but needs reliable security advice, Nodetix Managed Security Services is here to help. We offer customized services covering threat management, cloud security, infrastructure protection, data security, identity management, and response management.

Transformational Initiatives

For organizations handling long-term projects, Nodetix MSS specialists can assist in creating a continuous improvement process. We help optimize and enhance security programs for lasting efficiency.

Why Nodetix Managed Security Services?

Our team of experts will help identify vulnerabilities, improving the security and compliance of your IT environment. We ensure that the enterprise data and users are secure by providing:

A complete portfolio of Security services

Highly skilled staff and security experts

The facilities and technology to support any security need

Adhering to local & international regulations and standards

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